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Dorset Police Crime Prevention & Safety Advice
An interactive web portal that provides a wealth of crime prevention advice and tips on protecting you, your home and property.

More Crime Prevention Information on security and personal safety can be found on the Links page.

Seasonal Advice:

BasicHome Security:
Here is a checklist of simple precautions to take:-
Lock the doors every time you go out, especially those you cannot see while out in the garden. Keeping them locked when you are at home, say upstairs, is also advised.
Close windows when you go out or at night.
Put your house and car keys, bags and wallets safely away and out of sight at night.
Never  leaving handbags or wallets visible through a window or by an unlocked door, even during the day.
Leave a light on or use a timer switch so that your house looks occupied.
If possible and practical, keep your wheelie bin out of  sight and away from the house. A padlock and chain will prevent the bin from being wheeled near windows and roofs.But beware chaining your wheelie to the nearest drainpipe.

Advice on Security and Personal Safety

Advice and Information on Crime Prevention

Opt out of receiving unwanted mail and sales calls.

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Please check your shed and garage are secured with a suitable lock and items such as bikes
are chained to a fixed secure object.

Test Your Smoke Alarm:

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To Report Non-Emergency Crime Dial 101

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